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Driving Medicaid Renewals via the Providers App

Driving Medicaid Renewals via the Providers App
Toral Patel, Aidan Lovely
Driving Medicaid Renewals via the Providers App
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Problem Statement

Medicaid unwinding is one of the most daunting challenges facing state agencies and their customers. Propel, the company that builds the Providers app, recognized the potential for devastating repercussions for the more than 5 million low-income households it serves nationwide — over 80% of which are covered by Medicaid. 

Project Description

As unwinding approached in early 2023, Propel developed and launched a multi-phase outreach campaign through the Providers app to increase awareness and facilitate timely action among users who receive Medicaid. From user research, we know that users 1) check the app on average 15-18 times per month, and 2) see it as a trusted source of information about benefits, using it to verify what they have heard on social media, the news, or from friends and family.  Recognizing the magnitude of this responsibility, Propel set out to design an outreach campaign around Medicaid renewals that was personalized, timely, and actionable. Key campaign stages included: - Research - to compile state-specific guidance for users nationwide   - Message testing - to identify techniques to increase user engagement and action  - Follow-up nudges - to keep the issue top of mind, especially as the required actions change over time - Targeted outreach - to engage hard-to-reach demographics like parents with children  - Tracking - surveys to understand what actions users have taken and why

Project Outcomes and Impact

Over the past 7 months, Propel has reached more than 2.2 million Medicaid recipients through the app, with messages designed to guide them through the process of updating their contact information with their state agency. More than 650,000 Medicaid recipients took action immediately with these notifications. 

Replicable Takeaways

  • Private sector partners can support public goals 
  • Existing platforms should be leveraged to deliver and reinforce important messages 
  • Mobile apps can facilitate direct client action
  • Multiple nudges increase the likelihood of client action
  • Emojis increase engagement in mobile environments
  • Social proofing is a strong motivator for action
  • Online options for taking action reduces client friction
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